New Video !!!

Hello friends! Here is a new video for a song featured on the forthcoming Leviathan album, Beholden To Nothing, Braver Since Then, to be released 14 Feb. 2014. I contributed all melodic/lead guitar parts to this song and video. For more information on this long-awaited release please visit:

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Jason Becker Documentary

Friends, please take a few minutes to watch this documentary about my friend and teacher, the legendary Jason Becker, who was the guitarist for David Lee Roth and was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease about 23 years ago! But he is still alive and writing music with his eyes. Jason is one of the most amazing and special persons I’ve ever known and my time studying with him is one that I will always consider a highlight in my life.

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Welcome to the new Chris!

Welcome to my new website! Stay tuned for more videos, merch and the latest on what’s going on in my musical world. Also, be sure to check out the music lesson page for info on how to get guitar lessons from me.

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to send me an e-mail!

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Bob Harris

I will be teaming up with Bob Harris (Frank Zappa, Warren Zevon, Axe) to do a heavy blues/rock/progressive band/project! We plan to be out playing live by this early summer. I’ll let you know when/where the shows will be, in case you’re within a 200-mile radius, lol! BTW, Bob Harris is one of the greatest vocalists you will ever hear…seriously.

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My New Facebook Page!


New Facebook Page!
Stop by for a visit and leave me a message!

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CD Box Set/ Book To Be Released April 4, 2013

High Roller Records will be releasing a box set, which includes an 80-page book, of the first 4 Jag Panzer albums on April 4, 2013. Here is the link for information/ordering:


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New Compositions Uploaded

I have uploaded a few pieces for you to listen to! Click on the Composer tab above and you will see them listed. They are all “works in progress”, so I hope you will enjoy witnessing their evolution! By the way, these are MIDI files; I have yet to have them recorded by actual musicians.

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Busy Composing New Music!

Hello all! It has been quite a while since I have posted any updates to let you know what has been going on with me lately. So – I’m still working diligently on my music composition studies at Lamont School of Music / University of Denver. What an amazing school it is! I love the academic environment and I hope to achieve a PhD degree and become a Professor of Music in the future. Since I am so busy with studies, I am not doing any recording, although I have been performing with some classical guitar quintets and trios – it’s been a lot of fun...

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New and Improved Website

Welcome to the updated website of Christian Lasegue – former lead guitarist for the U.S. power metal band Jag Panzer.  Christian plays/teaches many styles of music on guitar and piano and has been hard at work, composing a lot of music!  There will be a lot of  updates to this website soon, so stay tuned for more details!
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Video of My Guitar Quintet (Gamerio by Tilman Hoppstock)

Here is a performance by my guitar quintet ( Nathan Cornelius, Calum Borthwick, Aaron Medina, Michael Bevers and me) from last academic quarter. It’s a little hard to hear all of the parts on video, but it sounded awesome at the performance hall!


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